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5 Frustrating iPhone 6 Problems

After using the iPhone 6 for well over a month, there’s nothing that I hate about the phone. Hate is such a strong word after all. There are, however, some frustrating iPhone 6 annoyances, things I dislike about the iPhone 6, things I hope Apple fixes with the iPhone 6s or the iPhone 7. Ahead of a full review, here’s what’s been annoying me about Apple’s new iPhone.

First, a little setup. Two years ago, I stayed up until midnight to order the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 was, after all, the iPhone I had been waiting for, the reason I had held onto my iPhone 3GS for as long as I did. It had a new metal design, 4G LTE, and a larger display for movies and games and browsing the web. Things I do rather frequently on my phone.

Apple does such a good job with the iPhone that you don’t have to upgrade every year or every two years. If I wanted to, I could have held onto my iPhone 5 as my daily driver. I decided not to though. The allure of the iPhone 6 and its Touch ID and its new camera and its larger display and Apple Pay and its new processor.

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So, I stayed up again and pre-ordered a gray 64GB iPhone 6 from AT&T. Gray looked the best and there was simply no way I was buying the 16GB or 128GB versions of the iPhone 6. 16GB is too little, 128GB is too much. Just over a month ago, I replaced the iPhone 5 with the iPhone 6 and I haven’t looked back. The iPhone 6, simply, is one of the best smartphones I’ve ever used. It’s not a perfect phone though.

There’s a lot to like about the iPhone 6 and there are also a few things that I absolutely dislike. Things that aren’t enough to get me to sell it but are enough to complain about. And hopefully, if I complain loud enough, some Apple engineer in Cupertino will hear me and fix these issues on the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7. You never know.

This isn’t really about me though. It’s about you. Those of you who are thinking about buying the iPhone 6. My goal is to get you as prepared as possible and today, I want to fill you in on a few of the things that you should be aware of before switching to Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhone 6. These are the five things that annoy me most about Apple’s iPhone.

iOS 8 Bugs

In June, Apple released iOS 8 into the beta program. So, you would think that the company would have ironed out some of the major issues ahead of the iPhone 6′s arrival. Not the case.

While iOS 8 problems aren’t as bad as last year’s iOS 7 problems, there are still a bunch of annoying bugs and they are primarily attached to Apple’s brand new iPhones. I’ve used an assortment of iPhones and iPads running iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 and let me tell you, the iPhone 6 is, by far, the most buggy device of the bunch. I literally stumble into a new issue every day.


This week its reoccurring landscape issues where the device, for whatever reason, gets stuck in landscape mode. This doesn’t happen on the iPad, heck, it doesn’t happen on the iPhone 5. iOS 8.1 was supposed to fix this issue but it didn’t. I still get stuck in landscape mode ten to fifteen times a day. It’s annoying and takes away from the experience.

I’ve also seen my keyboard disappear a few times. The iPhone 6′s Wi-Fi has also been acting up in recent days. It was fine inside iOS 8.0.2 and iOS 8.0 so I don’t know what changed. And don’t get me started on iMessage. Group threading is busted and I continually get iMessages hours or even days later. It’s frustrating to have this stuff go on every single day.

That said, software is never perfect. There’s always something wrong. But the problem I have is that these are core elements, Wi-Fi, messaging, and shifting the phone from portrait to landscape. I use this stuff every day. Apple’s already rolled out three iOS 8 updates, two of which didn’t completely break the iPhone 6, so I’m hopeful that the experience improves and doesn’t deteriorate.

This is something to keep in mind before switching to the iPhone 6. The software is mostly solid but there are some bugs that hold back the experience.

Slippery Design

One of the reasons I bought the iPhone 5 was its design. The sleek black aluminum and thin form factor were huge draws. The size and materials made it extremely easy to grip when placing a phone call. The iPhone 6′s design ditches the glass at the top and bottom and replaces it with an all metal design. The iPhone 6 is also extremely thin, sub 7mm to be exact. I like the look of the iPhone 6 but trying to make a phone call has me walking on pins and needles.

I thought it was just me but I’ve talked to several iPhone 6 users, my girlfriend included, who are having a tough time keeping a firm grip when placing a call with the iPhone 6. It feels like it’s going to slip out of my hands every single time I raise it up to my ear to talk. In fact, it has slipped out of my hands numerous times. Am I a little bit clumsy? Yes but I never dropped my iPhone 5 like this. And I never worried about my grip.

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I don’t use a case on my iPhone 6 but given that I tend to use my iPhone 6 outside when walking on concrete, I probably should. I’m just one fall away from disaster.

One Handed Use

I was using the iPhone 6 in bed the other night before going to bed and I was holding the phone above my head. Not five minutes later, it fell out of my hands and hit me right in the mouth giving me a fat lip. It’s a sad, pathetic story but it’s one that’s happened to me several times. One because of the slippery back and two because it’s not an easy phone to hold with one hand for extended amounts of times.

I have massive hands, too big for my body. And it’s hard for me to consistently use the iPhone 6 with one hand when I’m at any kind of an angle. Straight on, right in front of me, when held straight from the bottom is fine. If I even try and hold it in landscape or hold it from the side for any extended length, my hand gets tired and it feels uncomfortable and I drop it on my face.

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Now, before you get on me, realize that my other phone is the Nexus 5. The Nexus 5, a 5-inch smartphone, is actually smaller than the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. I’ve said this many times but screen sizes don’t equal the size of the phone. The iPhone 6 is a big phone, bigger than a lot of other phones out there, and that’s something you need to keep in mind before buying it.

I have a feeling that my hands and habits will adjust over time to accommodate the larger screen, which I like by the way, but these first couple of weeks have been pretty annoying. And painful.


If you wear shorts that don’t have deep pockets, prepare for the iPhone 6 to jut out. I was wearing some standard Vans shorts the other day and someone walking behind me told me that my iPhone was about to fall out of my back pocket. One, I don’t like to get pickpocketed and two, I don’t trust my iPhone falling and landing without any repercussions. More on that in a second.

I also have shorts that have rather deep pockets. The iPhone 6, the thin and light iPhone 6, likes to shift around in there. It’s gotten to the point where the phone more often than not is sitting sideways in my pocket. Honestly, I wish the iPhone 6 was a little heavier and perhaps a little shorter. This is a tall, light smartphone and that seems to be posing some problems for me right now.

Keep my experience in mind if you’re thinking about buying the iPhone 6 and your closest is full of skinny jeans or lightweight shorts with deep pockets.


And this is why I am worried about pocketability. The gray iPhone 6 is evidently not the best when it comes to dings and nicks. Before I bought the gray iPhone, I had heard that the silver iPhone is actually the best when it comes to dings and scratches. And that’s because its color is closest to the color of aluminum, the material that binds the iPhone together. I like darker colors, I have the black iPhone 5, so I went with gray.

Last night, I was holding my iPhone 6 in my hand over a desk in my office. The desk has a glass top. I lost my grip on the iPhone 6 and the phone hit the glass top, on its side, and fell to the floor. I dropped my black iPhone 5 all the time and the scratches and dings were nearly impossible to see. The ding on the side of my iPhone 6 is very easy to see. I now see it every time I pick up my phone.

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I dropped the phone from four inches above a glass surface. I can’t even imagine what would happen to it dropped out of my loose pocket or fell from my hand while talking to a friend.

Well, I guess I kind of do know. A few weeks back, a friend dropped my girlfriend’s iPhone 6 from about chest height down onto a wood floor. The front of the iPhone 6 cracked and shattered. Apple replaced it but it was still a very annoying process.

I really like Apple’s metal designs. They’re nice to look at and most of the time, nice to hold. However, I’d love to see some improvements in the durability department. I don’t need a tank but I do need a phone that I’m not worried about every time I take it outside or every time I hold it up to my face to call my mom.

So that’s me. How are you liking your iPhone 6? Anything you dislike?

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