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iOS 8.1 bugs, Should it be installed on the iPhone 6?

iOS 8.1, Should it be installed on the iPhone 6When the iOS8 was first used by users, it posed many issues and bugs that had to be addressed immediately.

The updates thus keep coming in and the second update to the iOS 8, called the iOS 8.1 has been able to stand as an answer to many issues.

The update came early this year, but it was tested heavily before it was launched in mid October. Devices included were iPhones , iPads and iPods.

Some bugs have been resolved. Some still continue to exist.

People are somehow slightly skeptic to install this updates in their phones in the fear that this update may add to their woes and bugs in the phone would increase.

Pros and Cons of the new iOS 8.1:

Performance of the iOS 8.1:
The OS update gave a remarkable boost to the existing battery life of the devices it was installed on.

Application performances bettered and the blue tooth became more stable post installation of this OS. The device also seemed to function faster, so this could be one reason why you might want to get your device updated.

Applications on iOS 8.1
Using Google Chrome in the iPhone 6 was a pain. The text on the pages were missing and this was faced with only certain websites, so the exact issue could not be pin pointed at that time.

The problem still persists and even iOS8.0.2 does not seem to have found a solution for it.

However, other social apps like Facebook and Twitter worked quite smoothly. Google Hangouts, YouTube, SoundCloud etc also performed quite well under the iOS8.1

Battery life on iOS 8.1
As already mentioned before, the power management of the OS is above par. Battery drainage has in fact, been minimized and both LTE and Wi-Fi can run almost the whole day without you having to charge your device.

Connectivity on iOS 8.1
The connections for Bluetooth and LTE have stabilized. However, Wi-Fi performance has not been very satisfactory.

Bugs and errors on iOS 8.1
The major bug that was of great concern to the iOS8 users was the device having issues with the display while trying to access iMessages from the lockscreen.

Although this isn’t a regular affair, it’s not desirable either, having to tap the home button each time this happens. The iOS8.1 has fixed this for the iPhone5, but iPhone6 users are still facing the ordeal.

iOS 8.1 Speed
iOS8.1 delivered amazing speed to the iPhone6 , although not much difference from the iOS 8.0.2. was noticed.

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