iPhone 6

Top 5 problems faced with the Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus

On September 19th, the tech gaint Apple launched their new smartphone the Iphone 6 and the Iphone 6 Plus. But while many laud the new devices, it’s not free from complains and scrutiny. Some users posted the complaints on Apple website. Here we have come up with its most talked problems.

Short of Supply

Due to short of stock, the consumers need to wait for week or more for the device. The device ran out of stock incredibly fast. But with the new device, Apple has created another new record by receiving 4 million orders for the new device in just 24 hours.


The Iphone 6 Plus is $100 more than the Iphone 6. Means more Expensive with no much features to blush.

iOS 8 crashes app

Applications such as the Facebook and Twitter gets crashed in the new iOS. The applications constantly gets freeze and crashed. While most of the apps are not even being supported by iOS 8.

The device is too much bendy

The anodized aluminium frame makes the case much more durable but the aluminium is a very soft metal which easily get bent. Making the smartphone more slimmer is reason why these phones bents easily.

Screen cracks easily

This is most frequent complaint from the users. This is due to the brittle screen panel of the device. Some of the users revealed that the screen easily cracked after being dropped from just 2 feet above the ground. Earlier it was rumored that the new Iphone will pack a sturdy Sapphire glass. However, the Iphone 6 and the Iphone 6 Plus did not materialize.

Source: http://atomikideas.blogspot.in/2014/10/top-5-problems-faced-with-iphone-6-and.html