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  • You must have submitted Product Review & Seller Feedback at Amazon. Below are the links.Product Review Link:

    Seller Feedback Link can be found under: Your account >> Orders >> (search for our orders with Mazichands)
    or you can see your orders directly by visiting this link:

  • You must have purchased any of the Mazichands Brand Products from Amazon. See Here:
  • You should have a valid USA address, so that we can ship the gift product to you, if you win.
  • You should be able to provide feedback to us, once you win, just to show it to our site visitors.
  • Optional: Chances to win increases by almost 92%, if you submit us a video review at Amazon.
    Our system is designed in a way to give preference to list of customers who have submitted video reviews.
  • in case you need help with video review. Just record it from your phone, speak a bit about our product and what you & your kids feel about the product, your likings and blah blah blah and submit it to Amazon at


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